6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa & Where To Buy Them

Dailylaco.com – Choosing the perfect sofa for your home can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. The market offers an abundance of choices, from various styles and materials to sizes and price ranges. To make this process less daunting, I’ll take you through six essential steps to help you select the ideal sofa that perfectly complements your living space. Additionally, I’ll share some of my favorite sofa brands to consider.

6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa & Where To Buy Them
6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa & Where To Buy Them

Step 1: Measure Your Living Room and Sofa

The first crucial step in selecting the perfect sofa is measuring your living room. Ensuring that the couch fits well within your space is fundamental. A sofa that’s too large can overpower your room, making it look cramped, while a too-small sofa may appear out of place.

The general rule of thumb is to choose a sofa that’s roughly two-thirds the length of the room or the wall it will be placed against. If you have an open-plan space, apply the same principle to the living area, creating distinct zones to establish the sofa’s ideal location. Take into account other existing furniture pieces such as side tables and coffee tables.

Using a measuring tape, note down the room’s measurements and the ideal dimensions for your sofa before heading out to shop. Accuracy is key, as a sofa is a significant investment and often the focal point of a room. It’s surprising how often furniture is returned because it can’t fit through the front door, so consider measuring the diagonal length of doorways, lifts, hallways, and staircases. Ensure a clear path for delivery, taking into account potential obstructions like shelves or heaters.

If possible, bring your tape measure when shopping, allowing you to measure the sofa itself, including its depth, cushion depth, height, and arms. When shopping online, double-check the measurements provided in the product details.

Step 2: Choose a Sofa Style That Matches Your Home

Selecting a sofa style that complements your home’s aesthetics is essential. It’s common for people to fall in love with a sofa at the store, only to discover it doesn’t harmonize with their existing decor.

I recommend using platforms like Pinterest to gather images that create a visual language and serve as a style reference. This will help you determine the type of sofa you want, along with the right color and upholstery. For instance, if you live near a beach, a Hampton-style sofa with cream linen upholstery or light brown leather might be a great fit. In urban settings, solid colors, whether bold or neutral, are versatile and easy to accessorize with pillows or throws.

Step 3: Consider Your Lifestyle and Sofa’s Function

Your lifestyle and how you intend to use the sofa play a significant role in choosing the right one. Modern sofas come in various styles, each designed for different purposes. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will you be watching TV on the sofa regularly?
  • Is it for a formal seating room?
  • Do pets have access to the sofa?
  • Will the sofa host children’s playdates?
  • Do you plan to sleep or eat on the couch?
  • How many people will be sitting on the sofa at once?

These questions will guide you to the perfect sofa type, whether it’s a traditional three or four-seater, a sleeper or sofa bed, a love seat (two-seater), or a modular or sectional sofa that offers flexibility in arrangement. Tailoring the sofa to your needs is crucial.

For TV watching, opt for a sofa with good cushioning for added comfort. For formal seating, choose a more structured and upright design. If you have a large family or frequently rearrange your furniture, modular or sectional sofas provide versatility. Families with varying heights might consider a mix of seating heights to accommodate everyone comfortably.

If you have kids or pets, upholstery becomes a critical consideration. Look for fabrics that can withstand wear and tear, are easy to clean, and offer removable cushions for convenient maintenance.

Step 4: Choose the Best Materials

Selecting the right materials is paramount to ensure your sofa’s longevity and comfort. The choice of upholstery fabric significantly influences your sofa’s appearance and practicality.

  • Leather: Durable and easy to clean, but susceptible to scratching and not ideal for hot and humid climates.
  • Linen and Natural Fibers: Ideal for humid climates, but absorbent and prone to stains and wrinkling.
  • Synthetics (Polyester or Poly Blends): Affordable, durable, and stain-resistant, making them a practical choice.
  • Canvas: Sturdy and versatile, offering a relaxed vibe.
  • Twill: Durable and casual, resembling the fabric used for jeans.
  • Velvet: Luxurious and soft but prone to attracting pet hair.
  • Boucle: A soft, knobbly texture that’s easy to maintain and gives a casual look.

In addition to upholstery, consider the sofa’s frame. High-quality frames, typically made from solid hardwood like oak, ash, or beech, provide durability and are ideal for long-term investments. Plywood is a more affordable option, but for higher-end purchases, hardwood frames are recommended.

Step 5: Consider the Quality of Construction

Before making a purchase, assess the sofa’s construction carefully. Look into frame joinery, springs, and upholstery quality to ensure you’re investing in a durable and well-constructed piece.

Legs are a crucial part of a sofa’s stability. Avoid cheap models with glued-on legs, as these can easily become unstable. Instead, opt for sofas with legs secured with screws, dowels, or ones that are an integral part of the frame. Ensure the joinery involves a combination of different types such as wooden dowels, corner blocks, metal screws, brackets, and secure leg attachments. Avoid weak methods like glue, staples, and nails used alone.

Additionally, inspect the upholstery quality, checking that buttons are sewn securely and that seams and piping run straight. If your sofa has patterns, ensure they match at the seams to maintain a polished appearance.

Step 6: Determine Your Budget

Sofas come in a wide range of prices, from budget-friendly options to luxury brands. The general rule is that cost correlates with size, and features like electronic recliners can increase the price significantly. If you’re on a tight budget, consider vintage or secondhand sofas, which are often 70-80% cheaper and can add character to your room. Ensure you inspect them in person for any damage, cleanliness, and negotiate if necessary.

When shopping for a new sofa, research thoroughly. Read reviews, check return policies, and consider delivery options. If possible, visit nearby showrooms or pop-up stores to get a feel for the products. Here are some of my favorite retailers to consider:

  • Article: Known for its affordable price point and mid-century modern style, Article offers various design options and sizes suitable for city living.
  • Crate and Barrel: This brand provides sofas with a timeless quality that can complement traditional, rustic, modern, or farmhouse-style homes.
  • CB2: Offers more contemporary and design-focused pieces, appealing to younger customers who appreciate hip and modern designs.
  • Room and Board: A more premium brand known for its high-quality products at a reasonable price point, even if the range isn’t as extensive.
  • Interior Define: Allows for customizing your sofa, including cushion fills, fabric choices, and sizing options.
  • Castlery: A direct-to-consumer brand that offers competitive prices, especially if you’re shopping on a budget.
  • Brosa: Provides a wide range of options for Australians, fitting modern contemporary and classic design preferences.
  • Lounge Lovers: Another excellent choice for Australians, offering sofas suitable for Hamptons or coastal-style interiors, among others.

These retailers cater to various budget ranges, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Here are a few quick insights into some of these brands:

Article is a fantastic option for those who appreciate the mid-century modern style. They offer a variety of design choices and sizes that are particularly suitable for city living. What’s more, they have garnered a reputation for their affordable price points, making it a great option for those looking for stylish sofas without breaking the bank.

Crate and Barrel strikes a balance between traditional and forward-thinking designs, making their sofas versatile and timeless. They are an ideal choice for homes with traditional, rustic, modern, or farmhouse aesthetics. Their designs seamlessly blend into a wide range of interior styles.

CB2 is a bit more daring and contemporary compared to Crate and Barrel. They cater to a younger and design-focused audience with hip and modern designs. If you’re looking for something more unique and stylish, this could be the brand for you.

Room and Board is a brand that offers exceptional quality at a reasonable price point. While their range may not be as extensive as some other retailers, you can be sure that anything you choose from them will be of high quality.

Interior Define provides the opportunity for customizing your sofa, which is perfect if you have specific preferences or require a unique size. From cushion fills to fabric options, you have the freedom to create a sofa that perfectly fits your space and style.

Castlery operates as a direct-to-consumer brand, which means they can offer more competitive prices by operating on lower margins. This makes them a great choice for those looking to make a budget-conscious purchase. Their reach extends to the U.S., Australia, and Singapore, providing a broad customer base with access to affordable and stylish options.

Brosa is another excellent choice for Australians. They have a wide range of options, suitable for modern contemporary or even classic design preferences. Whether you’re looking for a specific style or design, Brosa is sure to have something that appeals to your taste.

Lounge Lovers is a fantastic option for those in Australia, especially if you’re drawn to Hamptons or coastal-style interiors. However, their offerings aren’t limited to these styles, so you’re likely to find something that fits your preferences.

Last, but not Least!

Choosing the perfect sofa involves a careful consideration of various factors, from the size of your living space and your lifestyle to the materials, construction, and budget. By following these six steps and exploring reputable retailers like the ones mentioned, you’re well on your way to finding the ideal sofa that not only suits your needs but also adds a touch of style and comfort to your home.

If you have any questions or need further advice on choosing the perfect sofa, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Happy sofa shopping, and may you find the perfect addition to your living space!

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